Kathy Hope

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Emergency/20 mins - $240
book any day on website.
Other things to remember:
- in comments note about ER needs.
- we respond as quickly as possible.
- Book before immunization and after dental visits and All other ER like needs.
- this is the only appt. That can get moved ahead of other people appointments.
Rebooking for repeat clients Appointment 30 mins. - $240
New Client Health/ Appt. 40 mins. - $300
While your a booking client you will have free access to the K Client healing group on her website.

Please visit the private group page from the website too create your private login into the group.

Also, please email in your top 3 health concerns 1-3 days before your coming appointments.
60. Mins~, PTSD, Relationships, Financials, Grief, immune hypnosis - $390
When booking the hour, Comment what it’s for or what you like to focus on.

For the hypnotic immuneology session please be laying back or laying down position.

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