Kathy Hope

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ER- 20 mins. Be seen within 72 hours. - $240
Get in within 72 hours of booking an ER.
Comment while booking if your needing extra time.
All extra mins. Will be invoiced after appointments.

Reason for ER are many, here’s few examples:

Dentistry nerve irritations.
bone breaks.
Infusions of any kind.
Gynecological Visits
Voice or throat, communication issues.
Any Virals or bacterial issues.
Anxiety flair up.
Bm issues, like diarrhea, constipation.
Stomach issues.
30 min. Rebooking - $280
Comment while booking:
Days or evening appt.
The Year your needing.
Week or any other scheduling preference.

We will work hard to fill your requests.
40 min. First time session - $320
Email in if you’re looking to become a new client.
K is accepting a limited number of New clients at this time.
This is because client base is extremely high.
Please email in before booking.
1 hour Session - $545
These 1 hour appointments are limited so watch for rescheduling email.

Please email in if you’re wanting hour sessions spaces are limited and this could get rescheduled further in future.
We have to find a time they fit K scheduling.

Thanks- Gina KT Office manager

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